Friday, September 30, 2011

Introducing Winstin!

Many of you have heard me mention my grumpy old Sheltie brother, Winstin. Well, Mommy said it was time to introduce him to everyone, and show that he is actually a very sweet boy who simply doesn't appreciate being boxed in the head by the frisbee sized paws of dane puppies. Humph! Notice the cracker-dog face he makes at me when I get too close:
Don't come near My Avery!!

Whatever, I guess since Winstin is now having to share his home and family with me, I will share my blog with him...but just this once!

Ok, so about Winstin. He is an almost 10year old Sheltie baby that Mommy has had since he was 3months old. Mommy said he was her baby before she had human babies, and that he has been the best doggie ever, especially with the human sisters.

His favorite sister is Avery, the oldest. She is the one that always snuggles with him on the sofa (um, why don't I have sofa priviledges?!?!), and scratches his back in just the right spot.

Story Time

Best Friends Christmas?

He is also very patient with the baby sister. He just sits still and lets Sissy hug and kiss all over him. Mommy does take pity on him pretty quickly, though, and makes the baby leave him be.

Smooches from the rag-a-muffin.

When he was younger, he enjoyed taking long walks, playing fetch, and cuddling with Mommy. Unfortunately, his health has not been so great for the past couple years. See, every year, Mommy has Winstin shaved in May, because it gets SUPER HOT in the summers. So, his hair grows out over the next few seasons, with just baths, brushes, and trims from Mommy. Well, two Mays ago, Mommy took Winstin in for his annual vaccines, and then to the groomer. When she picked him up from the groomer, she noticed a large lump on his throat. The lump had gone un-noticed due to his shaggy winter coat. Of course, she took him back to the vet, and after x-rays, discovered it to be a large tumor. There was more risk to remove it than to leave it, due to its location, so Mommy decided to let him live as easily as possible for as long as possible. Since then, two more large, fatty tumors have developed on the sides of his rib area, but the one on his neck doesn't seem to be growing, and none of them seem to bother him.

Shaggy, tumor-hiding winter coat. And it's only Dec. here.
By May, it's pretty out of control.

Well, in July Mommy noticed that Winstin was limping a lot, and pulling tufts of hair out of his tail and chewing on it. She made an appointment for the following week (just a few days away), but over the weekend, the hair pulling and tail chewing got worse, to the point that his tail was bleeding. So the vet man had Mommy go ahead and bring Winstin in earlier than planned. It turns out that he had chewed through to the bone in just a couple days time, and ended up having to have 1/2 his tail amputated!! The vet man said he had probably hurt his tail somehow. He was chewing, trying to get rid of what was hurting him, and the limping was probably the pain spreading up from his tail to his back. Since his tail amputation, he has been completely fine. And even with the tumors, he is still a happy little guy, that nudges hands to say, "pet me please."

He's such a sweet, happy boy!

Mommy debated the stress it would cause Winstin, adding a new puppy to the household. Ultimately she decided that: a.) the sisters really needed to get attached to a new doggie before Winstin's time with the family was over, and b.) Winstin was likely and hopefully going to be around a few more years, and the girls wanted an active doggie to run and play with them.

So, now Winstin is the family snuggle buddy, and I, Jasmine, am the new family playmate! Everyone is happy, healthy(ish), and just feeling blessed by the happiness we sweet, and funny doggies bring to the family.

Puppy Love!!


  1. Ha roo! Winstin looks like a cool big brother, Jasmine! Enjoy every single moment you have together!
    Play bows,

  2. Oh man, do I ever know what a mixed blessing it is for a mature doggie to have a puppy come home. Let me tell you, I was really annoyed with PeeWee. Sure he was fun to play with now and then, but most of the time I got grouchy when he jumped on my head and such. But we did work things out.

    Sorry about that whole tail thing. Ouch!


  3. Hurro! Thanks for stopping by to visit me. Winstin seems a sweet guy and I bet he will like you more once you grow up a bit more.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  4. Well Hi there Jasmin!

    Thanks for coming by my blog! We LOVE Winstin! We used to have a sheltie, before Katie, named Bonnie. When she was about 10 she went to the kennel while we went away. When we got home, she seemed sad, and then she started pulling the hair off her tail too! Turns out it had gotten BROKEN at the kennel (though they said nothing happened) and she had to have all but about 2 inches amputated off. She almost died, but once the tail was off she was a happy camper for a long time. She died when she was 15, and a few months later we got Katie who you met in the blog. I hope Winstin has many happy years with you!

  5. Awww Winstin and baby sister kisses is so cute! I cant believe he chewed down to the bone! Ouch! Poor guy!

  6. Howdy, Winston! It's so nice to hear from you. We're so sorry about your tumors and your tail! Hope the tumors are benign and you live happily for many, many more years. It's tough having a puppy sister when you're used to being an only dog, but you'll come to love her as she matures. Then she can be your guardian and protector.

    Jasmine, it was super nice of you to save Taco from who knows what terrible fate! We hope the people who lost him will be more responsible from now on. He looks like a sweet little dog.

    Jed & Abby