Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting Started

1st night home: 6wks
Well, here I go; starting my own blog. Don't know if anyone will be interested in reading about me and my family, but I needed an outlet! Let me start by telling you about me and my family. I am a black baby Dane, named Jasmine. I was born on June 7 of this year, so that makes me just a couple weeks shy of 3 months old. I'm a bit of a small girl and probably won't be as huge as many other Danes. I was just 6 pounds when my human mommy got me, but at my 9 week vet check I was already up to 12.5 pounds! I am growing like crazy!

11 wks
So, like my title says, I live quite the wild life with my big family. I have my human mommy and daddy, 3 human sister pups, and one very grumpy old man Sheltie brother. We usually have a great time together, but my Sheltie brother is just no fun! Every time I try to play with him, he makes ugly growly faces at me. So I won't get out of his face, even when he tries to turn away nicely. So I jump in front of him every time he tries to the bigger dog, and just walk away! No reason to get growly on me! Geez! I'm trying really hard to be submissive to him. Lying on my belly, and putting my ears back, but nothing seems to work. I've just decided he is a grumpy old man! Humph!

My human sisters, on the other hand are a blast! They like playing tug with me, throwing my favorite rope bone for me, and tonight it was cool outside, so we had a nice game of chase in the backyard. I always have to be "it" though and chase them, 'cause mommy says I can't get in the habit of running away from my humans. Oh well, I'm already way faster than them, so they could never catch me anyway.

Right now I'm not having many adventures, because I haven't finished all my puppy shots, and we live in Texas where it is over 100F every day. Mommy says once it cools off some I can start walking to school to pick up our oldest girl. I'm very excited about that, because I LOVE human pups, and there will be lots of them at the school. I also need to learn a few more manners before Mommy can let me go to the school though. Like learning not to get too excited and jumping on the human pups. I never do this with grown humans; Mommy thinks I feed off the energy and excitement of the little humans, and this makes me forget my manners. I also have to get better on the leash. See, I'm very stubborn about this! Bwahaha! I trick Mommy into thinking I'm a good leash walker by walking nicely in an informal "heel" up the street, but on the way back down the street I pull like crazy. Mommy has tried taking me a different way, taking water in case I'm thirsty from the heat (even at our 9pm walks it's still 95F out), but I still won't behave. We can't take more than a couple steps and Mommy has to stop in her tracks so I won't pull. I think we may go to the park by the lake tomorrow and see how I do with in unfamiliar surroundings, with no "home" to run to. I'll let you know how that goes. If anyone has any suggestions for Mommy, she would like to hear them!

Anyway, thanks for reading my very 1st blog! Hope to hear some feedback soon!