Saturday, November 19, 2011

A New Stuffie & Hangin' With the Sisters

Check out the size of this thing!
It's been a PAWSOME week! First, I had pretty much destroyed all of my stuffies, so Mommy got me a brand new one. Stuffies are my very favorite, you see. They are fuzzie like us doggies and they are great for tugging or fetching. Stuffies also make give great snuggles and are amazing chew toys. I am very good about only chewing on MY stuffies and not my sisters'. Sometimes I make a mistake, but I always "drop it" when I'm told. Mommy has had to make sure the girls know to tell me "drop it" rather than try to pull it out of my mouth, 'cause then I think they're trying to play tug, and the game is on! And believe it or not, I do obey my sisters. Mommy has made sure to include them in all my training and basic household manners. They are able to give me food and water without me jumping or pushing them (us Dane's are leaners and "paw pushers", you know). I will sit and wait for them when they let me out of my crate or inside from the back yard. I will also get "out" of the kitchen or bedroom when told, but I usually only obey Avery, the big sister, on this one.

Nom Nom Nom, Chomp, Chomp, Chomp

Sometimes Brynan's tummy rubs are a little too rough.
Everyone asked Mommy if it was a good idea to get such a big dog while she had small kids. Mommy always said any dog can be dangerous to kids if both the dog and the kids are not taught how to behave. That is the main reason Mommy chose to get a puppy rather than a grown rescue. She couldn't risk a doggie with bad habits being around the little girls. This way she was able to "start from scratch" on training and behavior. Now I've grown up around the little ones, I'm used to their silliness, and sometimes not-so-gentle play. Mommy always mediates, but we all make mistakes sometimes, and she knows I will be patient with the first mistake until Mommy can step in. We also allow the "soft bite" (at least on Mommy and Daddy) to show me to be gentle with human hands in the mouth. Some say this is bad, others say it's good; Mommy just knows it's sometimes simply a reflex to nip and when that happens, Mommy wants me to "check myself" when I find a human hand in my mouth.

Her mouth is closed, but she's not biting down.
I often let her do this with my hand or arm, and she always
lets go when I tell her "eh"

So, speaking of my sisters, it's been kinda cold here in Texas this week, with highs in the 50's, and dropping to the 30's-40's at night (yes, that's cold in Texas!). The girls and I haven't wanted to play in the backyard much, so we've been hanging out inside. Winstin was hangin' with us too. Look how cute we all are:

Brynan watching her show while I chill on the sofa pillow.
Winstin, getting love from his favorite Avery
Brynan, Winstin, Avery
I tried to get in this picture too, but as usual, Winstin wouldn't let me near HIS Avery! Humph!
C'mon! Just one picture?!?!

Then we played dress up, but I had to be Princess Jasmine...again.

I wanted to be Sleeping Beauty this time. *pout*
Can't wait to see what the weekend has in store.

Puppy Love!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Not-Fun Friday

I am really NOT happy right now!


My Mommy said, "You're getting kind of stinky Jazzie."

I said, "Thank you Mommy!"

Mommy said, "It's time for another bath."

I said, "WTF?!?!"

Mommy said, "Don't bark at me like that. Come on..."

So, I did what any self respecting, wanting to stay smelly dog would do....I hid in my crate!

Well, then Mommy tricked me! She sat down in the floor with my leash and some nommie hot dogs. I honestly thought we were going to go do some more leash training. I mean it's HOT DOGS! Those are reserved for the "I really want you to know how happy you are making Mommy" moments. I had no choice. So, I come and get my hot dog, and Mommy clips my leash on. Then we start heading toward the front door, but we make a detour to the bathroom. I think Mommy just needs to straighten her hat, but then she closes the door! She takes off my collar and puts first my front feet, then my back feet into the bath tub....full of WATER!!

First she shoves a hot dog in my mouth, and tells me what a good girl I am, and then she pets me and loves me, and gives me another hot dog. Then....she begins alternatley dumping water on my back and giving me hot dogs. I don't know if I should be fighting her or licking her, so I just stand there all mixed up. Next she puts some smelly stuff on me and rubs my back and belly and legs. I have to admit, that was kind of nice. But then she starts dumping water on me again; by this time I'm trying to sneak a leg over the side of the tub, but Mommy keeps catching me. At long last, Mommy tells me okay, and I hop out of the water. Mommy rubs me with a big towel, and even lets me tuggie on it some. But let me tell you, no amount of niceness will ever make up for the bath torture!

I don't even understand the point of it. It's not like it made me look any better, right?

Is this my good side?

What about from this angle?

Check out this angle.

Still the same beautiful, shiny, luxurious, silky black coat I always have.

I think I even smell worse now than before I had a bath! Humph!

Where'd all my outdoor smells go?

Like I said, my Fun Friday turned out to be not-so-fun, and I am NOT happy....

*sigh and pout*

Puppy Love!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fun

Super zoomies! Hear my sisters laughing in the background? For some reason they think I'm greatness. Oh, and please excuse my poor manners in this video; I got a little excited and forgot myself for a moment. hehe!

Puppy Love!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Finally Friends

So, remember how Winstin, my Sheltie brother, used to make growly faces at me anytime I came near him? Well, he's starting to come around, and actually PLAY with me! See, Mommy finally decided to just put us outside alone together one morning when she was in a hurry. She supervised from the window to make sure Winstin wasn't too mean to me, but after a couple minutes of irritation, he just went to his doggie house and ignored me. So, Mommy just kept leaving us outside for short periods of time to interract without interference from her or Daddy, and finally Winstin just accepted my presence as normal, and now we're almost friends! I sometimes get a little out of control trying to play, and he has to "put me in my place". Humph! Mommy says he has to be dominant since he's smaller, but that's just more big doggie discrimination if you ask me! Anyway, back to us being friendly. Check out some pics of us playing bitey face!

Sometimes Winstin likes to play dirty though, and biteys my ear...

Or my neck...

And he is very much a leg biter. I think some of you have mentioned leg-biting siblings as well....

See Winstin going for my leg?
But that's okay, 'cause every once in awhile I can get him to play my favoritest game of all...TUGGIE!

And then a little more bitey face...

I really like having siblings!

Puppy Love!!

(Note from Mommy Lisa: These two doggies have been hilarious lately. I have just been leaving them outside to get to know each other on their own for about an hour at a time. They have come so far! Like all siblings, it's not perfect. Jasmine still irritates Winstin, and Winstin still snaps at Jasmine some, but it is so much better. I was feeling guilty bringing in a new puppy that irritated my senior doggie so bad, but seeing him act young again has made it all worth it. It's like Winstin has a new lease on life, and he's going to show this "little whipper-snapper" how it's done! Their playing together gets the whole family laughing, and they are just such a joy in our lives!)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

My 4 Month Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 4 months old! I have come a long way since Mommy first brought me to live with them. I was just an itty bitty baby!
Sweet baby Jasmine, 6 weeks old

But now I have a grown into a big girl and I have learned LOTS of things! I now know how to sit and wait at the door until I'm invited in. I also do this before coming out of my crate and while waiting for my food to be put down for me. Even when I'm getting carried away during play time, Mommy just has to say, "Eehh! Wait..." and I settle and sit until Mommy is ready to play again. My knowing how to do this at only 4 months old just confirms to Mommy that there is no excuse to have an out of control, jumping all over you doggie.

Mommy, may I please come in?

Mommy has also taught me down-stay. I'm up to about 90 seconds before I get antsy. Mommy thinks this is good though. I am also trying to learn to resist nommies. That's a hard one, but I'm making progress.

Don't eat the cookie, dont' eat the cookie...

Some of my other good-girl acomplishments are "leave-it", "off", and within the last week I have started going to the back door and nudging the blinds to tell Mommy I need to go potty! Mommy gets very happy with me when I do this. And guess what! I have been getting to stay out of my crate more because I'm getting to be more "trustworthy." Also, just for fun, Mommy has taught me to "spin". I don't know why, but she and the sisters like it, and I get treats, so whatever...

I have also learned something very important from my big blog friends...MEDITATIONS! Mommy didn't think puppies had such deep thoughts, but see for yourself...

Haven't I learned a lot in just 4 little months? Whoever says Danes aren't smart has clearly never owned one. Mommy says although I still have a lot to learn, I'm already one the best doggies in the world!

Jasmine, 4 months old

Puppy Love!!

PS: This weekend Mommy's taking me to the pet shop for a bigger crate and a new collar for my birthday! The sisters said presents are the best part of birthdays, and I think they may be right!