Saturday, October 29, 2011

Finally Friends

So, remember how Winstin, my Sheltie brother, used to make growly faces at me anytime I came near him? Well, he's starting to come around, and actually PLAY with me! See, Mommy finally decided to just put us outside alone together one morning when she was in a hurry. She supervised from the window to make sure Winstin wasn't too mean to me, but after a couple minutes of irritation, he just went to his doggie house and ignored me. So, Mommy just kept leaving us outside for short periods of time to interract without interference from her or Daddy, and finally Winstin just accepted my presence as normal, and now we're almost friends! I sometimes get a little out of control trying to play, and he has to "put me in my place". Humph! Mommy says he has to be dominant since he's smaller, but that's just more big doggie discrimination if you ask me! Anyway, back to us being friendly. Check out some pics of us playing bitey face!

Sometimes Winstin likes to play dirty though, and biteys my ear...

Or my neck...

And he is very much a leg biter. I think some of you have mentioned leg-biting siblings as well....

See Winstin going for my leg?
But that's okay, 'cause every once in awhile I can get him to play my favoritest game of all...TUGGIE!

And then a little more bitey face...

I really like having siblings!

Puppy Love!!

(Note from Mommy Lisa: These two doggies have been hilarious lately. I have just been leaving them outside to get to know each other on their own for about an hour at a time. They have come so far! Like all siblings, it's not perfect. Jasmine still irritates Winstin, and Winstin still snaps at Jasmine some, but it is so much better. I was feeling guilty bringing in a new puppy that irritated my senior doggie so bad, but seeing him act young again has made it all worth it. It's like Winstin has a new lease on life, and he's going to show this "little whipper-snapper" how it's done! Their playing together gets the whole family laughing, and they are just such a joy in our lives!)


  1. Hi Everyone, that's great to see. It reminded me of our old girl Kara with one of our dane pups. She used to put him in his place with a lip curl and a yap yap yap. He loved her. These days with two new pups Stella is the boss (for now?) over Rory even though he is 33 kgs (72 lbs) and she is 11 kg (24 lbs). Sounds like your place is having as much fun as ours. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  2. Hi Stella and Rory! I have been visiting your blog, and keeping up with your adventures. I keep trying to comment but I can't. Please know I'm glad to meet you, and would very much like to be friends!

    Puppy Love,

  3. Aww....that is so great! I am so happy for you!! You two look adorable together! I'm sure you're going to be the BEST playmates!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. Aww that's great! Soon they may be cuddling together like Stella and Rory!

  5. Woo!!! That's great! Zim and I would be lost without each other, so I'm so happy to see you two starting to play!!!

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  7. Atleast Puppy met her,now friends feeling happy..