Friday, October 7, 2011

My 4 Month Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 4 months old! I have come a long way since Mommy first brought me to live with them. I was just an itty bitty baby!
Sweet baby Jasmine, 6 weeks old

But now I have a grown into a big girl and I have learned LOTS of things! I now know how to sit and wait at the door until I'm invited in. I also do this before coming out of my crate and while waiting for my food to be put down for me. Even when I'm getting carried away during play time, Mommy just has to say, "Eehh! Wait..." and I settle and sit until Mommy is ready to play again. My knowing how to do this at only 4 months old just confirms to Mommy that there is no excuse to have an out of control, jumping all over you doggie.

Mommy, may I please come in?

Mommy has also taught me down-stay. I'm up to about 90 seconds before I get antsy. Mommy thinks this is good though. I am also trying to learn to resist nommies. That's a hard one, but I'm making progress.

Don't eat the cookie, dont' eat the cookie...

Some of my other good-girl acomplishments are "leave-it", "off", and within the last week I have started going to the back door and nudging the blinds to tell Mommy I need to go potty! Mommy gets very happy with me when I do this. And guess what! I have been getting to stay out of my crate more because I'm getting to be more "trustworthy." Also, just for fun, Mommy has taught me to "spin". I don't know why, but she and the sisters like it, and I get treats, so whatever...

I have also learned something very important from my big blog friends...MEDITATIONS! Mommy didn't think puppies had such deep thoughts, but see for yourself...

Haven't I learned a lot in just 4 little months? Whoever says Danes aren't smart has clearly never owned one. Mommy says although I still have a lot to learn, I'm already one the best doggies in the world!

Jasmine, 4 months old

Puppy Love!!

PS: This weekend Mommy's taking me to the pet shop for a bigger crate and a new collar for my birthday! The sisters said presents are the best part of birthdays, and I think they may be right!


  1. Well, I am sure it feels great to be four whole months old and be getting noms for being a good puppy. However, be warned, because in just a few months you will be a teenager and listening to mom might become less interesting than going a tad cracker dog. So practice your meditations and tell mom to practice hers as well. You will both be needing them.


  2. Wowzers, are we impressed with all the stuff you've learned already!!! You're as smart as you are cute!!
    Play bows,

  3. happy 4 months day, Jasmine! You certainly have grown! And wow – we are so impressed with all the things you have already learned to do it just for months!! My human, Hsin-Yi, is really impressed and says that your human must be a fantastic trainer and dog handler. And a wonderful owner for dedicating so much time to you.

    Although Mango is right and things might get a little more tough when you enter your teenage years – cos you will start to test your boundaries – having all this foundation training now will stand you in really good stead. It will all be there and as long as your human is consistent and persistent with continuing to enforce rules and reward good behaviour, then don't worry – you will get through the difficult teenage time. But people who don't bother to put in the early training like you, have a really hard time because then they are trying to teach all these basic manners when the dog gets to be a teenager – which is already a really tough time in itself! That's not when you want to start things from scratch!

    So I think it's great that you've done all this now. And even if you might forget one or two things, you won't forget everything. For example when I became a teenager, I started to lunge and pulled really badly on my leash – that was the one thing that really went downhill – but all the other things I have learned still stayed with me, like my very reliable Stay and my Leave Its and my Downs and my Drop Its and other things like that and also waiting for permission at doorways, things like that. So you don't lose everything when you become a teenager – just maybe one or two things which makes it easier to work on just those things.

    When we went to see my special, private dog trainer to help me with my walking/pulling problem, he was very impressed and surprised to see that all my other manners were very good. Because usually, people who don't bother to put in the early training, end up with a monster dog that has problems in EVERY thing and then there is a lot more rehab training to be done. But in my case, my humans only had to work on my walking problems because all my other stuff was still good!

    Anyway – sorry for my long, rambling comment but I just wanted to let you know that we think you are doing so well and your human should be so proud of herself, as well as of you, and that all of this work will be worth it, even if you might get a bit "independent" in a few months time! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. You really are a cute girl! However, I'm a little disappointed in you Jasmine. You remember you said I could teach you things? Well, sitting, staying and twirling are not on the list! Have you learned to counter-surf, steal shoes and curl up on the sofa before your blanky is put on it? Have you, huh?!It's all very well being a good girl, but where is the fun in that?!! Deccy x

  5. Your are learning so much cutie. Your mom has done such a great job--who knows what great life skills she'll teach you next!

  6. Hello Jasmine,You have done a great job and we learnt many things from you.

  7. you are such a nice girl.happy birth day to you and be happy :)