Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Day in the Life....

Hi, to all my new friends! I was so excited to see your posts; unfortunately nobody else did! For some reason Mommy has to approve all posts before they are published, but she's working on that...newby. Anyway, they're up now, for the doggy world to see!

So, it's been a wild week here in Texas! Everyone has gone back to school, including Mommy, and it has been so quiet in the house. Mommy only has to leave me and Winstin for 4-5 hour at a time, but she was worried about how I would do. Being a den animal, I am happy in my crate even when my people are home, but I'm only in there when Mommy can't "watch me like a hawk." (Please! As if I would take the baby's cookie, chew a stuffie the sisters left in the floor, or eat a sock!) But she was worried I would get bored and cry all day, or not be able to "hold it" and have an accident in my crate.

Well, she worried for nothing! She left me my blankie, stuffie, rubber bone, and something called a "Kong," to keep me occupied. Let me tell you! That Kong thing is pure greatness!! First of all, it is covered with this ooy-gooy stuff Mommy calls peanut butter. (Apparently this is popular with pups of all species, because my human sisters can't seem to get enough of it either!) Next, there are some flovored cooky bits, then a little kibble and training treats, and then some more cookies. Ah, man. When I see that come out of the freezer I make a beline for the crate! YUMMY!

So, after I have demolished my yummies, had a nap, chewed on my bone and stuffie, then had another nap, I hear the garage open. Then the insanity begins! My human sisters are fighting over something silly (I mean really, if it's not food or toys, is it worth getting Mommy grumpy?), Winstin is crying to go outside, the baby human is just crying, and Mommy is grumping at everyone! Sheesh! Well, of course I'm waiting patiently in my crate. I'm certainly not whining, or boxing the door with my way...not me...

Hangin with my big human sister, Avery.
She loves my floppy ears!
Well, it's finally my turn for attention. Mommy makes me show patience though! She makes me sit nicely and "Wait" until she tells me "Okay", then I get to come out. Of course I go straight out to potty and drink from the big water bowl outside. But it's so hard to decide what to do! Potty, drink, slobber on Mommy, drink, sniff the baby, drink, jump on the big girls, get told off, slobber on Mommy again. So much to make up for! Then Mommy gets my human sisters settled in front of the TV thing and I, at last, get my game of tug/fetch. This is mine and Mommy's time to PLAY!!! I'm finally figuring out when to "Drop It" when told, instead of trading for a treat. After a good game of tug and some snuggles, I go back to my crate while the humans cook/eat dinner. Man, it smells good!
Weee!! Love playing chase!

After human dinner, it's backyard time again! My sisters and I have a great game of chase, and Mommy throws my stuffies for me! Greatness! And the other night I found a HUGE ball! It was bigger than me, and loads of fun! Mommy tried to run in and get the camera thing, but by the time she got back with it, I had already killed my ball. :(  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Oops! I killed it!

After our backyard play, I go back to my crate for my dinner, and Mommy puts the sisters to bed, which usually results in more screaming, crying and grumping. After all that playing and dinner, I have a little rest until Daddy gets home, and then I get more love and play. Then it's out for a final potty, and bed time for me! Gotta get up early for school in the morning, ya know!
Well, that's a day in my Wild Life. Mommy says it seems a bit out of control sometimes, but she wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. The first rule of blogging is, "never let the humans go anywhere without the camera." Many is the moment of Mango-ness that has been missed due to the idiot human forgetting the flashy beast.

    Your super zoomies funballs look great. You sure have a lot of energy. I'm glad you like your den. It isn't hard to sleep for 4 hours and then you are all rested when your humans return.


    P.S. I don't have the approve comments thing on my blog. I have found that blogger does a good job with spam filtering.

  2. Hooraaa, yeepee !!! A black dane like me ! Woww, you are so pretty, so nice to meet you Jasmine !

    I absolutely love the picture of you running - love the ears !

    Can't wait to read more about you,



  3. BARK! Oh, you have ears like mine. I hope your mommy doesnt do that funny thing to them. It makes us look mean. My mommy grew up with a hot dog that had long ears and she said my ears feel just as good as the ones she rubbed as a little pup. Stay good! BARK! Sasha the Princess