Friday, September 16, 2011

MY Chair....

So, when I came to live with my family, the baby sister had this great little chair that was all her own. Well, since Mommy wouldn't let me have the couch, I decided I wanted that I took it! Mommy says they LET met have it, but I like to think I claimed it! Mommy and the sisters get good laughs at me falling out of the chair, and this is where I take all the toys I just want to chew on. Mommy says I can keep it as long as I don't get "territorial" and grump at the sisters if they go near it. I am starting to outgrow the chair, but I don't mind, cause I LIKE IT!
Accessorizing with the princess phone case.

Hmmm....I must have dropped the phone.

Wonder if I can find that card thingy that Mommy trades for toys and yummies...

Do you have a favorite non-bed hang out spot in the house that you have claimed as your own? I may need some new ideas soon...

Puppy Love!!


  1. Hehe you are so cute Jasmine, we don't think you are going to fit in it very long.... hmmm mind you I, Jasper, squeeze into a dog bed that had been made for a small border collie - so who knows you may MAKE yourself fit :)

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  2. Haha so cute - I used to sleep in my kitty brother bed when I was a pup. Now I could barely fit my head in.


  3. Woo! You're already allowed on the FURNITURE?!?! You've really achieved so much at such a young age - kudos from me and Zim! We still aren't allowed on anything other than the bed - but sometimes Zim tries, just to see if mom is serious. Unfortunately, she is. Woo.
    Great to meet you!

  4. Well, my little friend, you will find that as you mature, it becomes more and more difficult to claim spaces as your beds will shrink down to PeeWee size. I, Mango, have clung to a smallish bed which momma says is not large enough for myself, but it feels so safe and secure.

    Now, mind you, my idiot brother has an entire couch, but even still he likes to sleep on my mastiff beds and I never get grouchy with him for that. You will need to learn patience as well.