Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am NOT a Lab!

Mommy consoling me after the very
breed-challenged tech told me what a
pretty lab I am.
First off, check out Mommy and me getting fancy on my page! Pro-fessionals we are!

Secondly, I am NOT a Lab!! Not there's anything wrong with labs. They are very nice. In fact, I have a cousin who is a lab of the yellow variety, and she is very nice. Jozie never gets grumpy at me like certain shelties I know...not to name names...a-Winstin-hem. But, nice or no, I am NOT a lab!

Mommy has always wanted a great dane, and after lots of research to make sure I would be a good fit for the family, she finally got me for her <insert age> birthday. Well, we are both getting very peeved with people thinking I'm a boring ole' black lab. (Again, very nice, but just not me.)

Mommy posted my puppy pics on FB, and got comments of what a beautiful lab I am. I went for a stroll up the street, and all the neighbors exclaimed over what WONDERFUL pets labs make. But the final straw was when I went in to the vet man's to get my first shots, and even the techs thought I was a lab! When Mommy explained that I was actually a black Dane, they just said, "Oh, I guess I can kinda see it now." Humph! Maybe you need to learn your breeds lady. Go back to school; flip through one of the dog magazines sitting on the table; something! 'Cause I am all Dane, and I can prove it!
I prefer stuffies to tennis balls.

My knees stick up over my back when I lay on my tummy.

I can actually chill out long enough to lay on my tummy AND enjoy a stuffie.

I have a very long back and neck, and I look just a little too skinny even though I eat like a horse.

So, while I guess I can understand that people just see what they expect to see, I hope I have made it clear that:


Thank you for listening to my rant. Puppy Love!


  1. Oh, I so know how it feels to be mistaken for being a black lab' ! People in the street used to pet me and say " eeeeeh he's so cute, awwww a little lab, you know, I have a lab too, he has a yellow coat though, blahblahblah.....", but come on!!!! I mean HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF MY PAWS ????
    But don't worry Jasmine, it's not gonna last for long !! Soon you'll be bigger than all our labrador furiends :)

    (ps: I prefer stuffies to tennis balls too ! )

  2. Well, little friend, at your tender age, you do kind of look like my idiot brother did... all black and round and rolly polly. Just suck it up because in about a month nobody is ever going to make that mistake again.


  3. Since Darwin is blue colored, everyone would call her a weimaraner or a silver lab. We even had some girl think she was a blue pittie. Once you start getting bigger than everyone else people will see you're a DANE!

  4. Yup as all the Danes have already commented, nearly every Dane puppy gets called another bred!

    I, Lexi, got called a lab the people at the vet, the people in the pet shop, random people in the street!

    I, Jasper, got called a weimaraner...just because of my blue colouring, which is just INSULTING as my colour is definitely a blue-silver as apposed to the weimaraner's brown-grey coat!!

    As soon as you are 6mths old and bigger than a Labrador people will stop calling you that!!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes